Coronavirus prevention at the clinic

Coronavirus prevention

Coronavirus prevention at the clinic

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we realise it is important to keep appropriate perspective and balance the risk by taking measures to limit the spread and protect particularly the vulnerable from infection without inciting undue fear. Coronavirus prevention at the clinic, is not only our duty, but also a measure to help clinic to stay open and continue to serve our local community.

Chiropractic is regulated

Chiropractic is fully regulated health professions and our practice has robust infection control measures in place.
Our benches are disinfected after every patient, the team are using hand washing and sanitising gel procedures before every patient and headrest paper is changed between every patient.
We have asked our team to remain vigilant in keeping high standards of hygiene at all times.
We have removed most chairs from reception and ask patients to enter the clinic on their own. Family members or friends can stay in the car or outside the clinic while you are having your treatment.
The appointments are spaced out and measures are taken for patients not to meet in reception, do not be surprised if you put into one of the rooms upon your entry to the clinic.
We have also been asked by our regulator to monitor the advice regularly issued to the public and healthcare professionals by Public Health England which we continue to do on a daily basis.

Government guidance

As per the government guidance, we ask that if you do not feel well and have a temperature or flu-like symptoms that you self isolate for 7 days at home from the onset of your symptoms. Do not visit your G.P and there is no need to contact 111 unless your symptoms worsen or last beyond the 7 days. Please postpone your appointment with us until after your isolation period has finished to help minimise the spread of this virus in the UK and protect the vulnerable from exposure such as the elderly who attend the practice.

Keep yourself healthy

Please follow the current government guidance and focus on what you can do to keep yourself healthy and well. Regular and thorough hand washing is good practice at all times but particularly in reducing your risk of catching this virus.
We would also recommend focusing on good nutrition eating fresh fruit and vegetables and taking any recommended supplementation to help boost your immune system to fight any virus regardless of this recent outbreak. Keep yourself active, ensuring you are well hydrated and only access the news to gain information in relation to planning how to deal with any changes in daily life.
For further information on coronavirus prevention at the clinic please visit:
We will send further updates if the situation changes, regarding Coronavirus prevention at the clinic.
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